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Guest Post: Teresa J. Reasor on Alpha Men

We are taking a break from our Readers Write to Know Wednesdays in order to have this guest post from author Teresa J. Reasor.  If you ever wanted to hear about Alpha Men, Teresa is the woman to whom you should turn.  She is a Marine brat whose father was the quintessential alpha man.

Teresa writes romance suspense. She has a Medieval Romance Highland Moonlight and a Regency Romance Captive Hearts available in print directly from The Wild Rose Press site as well as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Her two newest books, Breaking Free and Timeless, are available in print and ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other ebook sites.  She also has a children’s book, Willy C. Sparks at Xlibris Publishing.

Thank you so much for joining me today, Teresa!

Alpha Men
Teresa J. Reasor

I’m going to use the word man here because they’re whom I write about. Alpha men. But if you know a woman in the military, understand that every word I write can be true for her, too.

Military service is about duty, honor, and sacrifice. But the sacrifices our military personnel make are probably the hardest weight for them to bear.

When the military asks a man to sign on the dotted line they don’t tell him that his family’s signature might as well be there beside his.

The military won’t warn him of the worry that flits in and out of his head and heart about the people he’s left behind. Worry about his pregnant wife and whether or not the baby will be okay. Worry about his father’s hardened arteries, or his father-in-law’s cancer. Or the struggle his wife is going through to hold things together back home.

The military will ask him to put all that away and focus on duty, on his training, and other things he’ll never speak about once he’s home.

The military won’t tell him the things he may have to do will stay with him for the rest of his life. He’ll hold them inside and only speak about the things easy for his family and friends to hear. But he’ll know they’re there.

And the military won’t warn the family he’s just enlisted, that they will have just as many worries and concerns for him. That they’ll live in intermittent fear every time a news report comes across the television spouting numbers instead of names. They’ll report bomb blasts or IEDs but never mention whether that one certain person who’s so precious to them is safe. And the military won’t warn them about those secrets and memories they expect their man to keep to himself.

All these things are included in the sacrifice every person in the military experiences.

Though my father retired after twenty-three years in the Marine Corps, he was a Marine his whole life. He went in at seventeen during World War II and received an honorable discharge in 1968 after Vietnam. And though he moved on with his life into another career, he never stopped living up to the Marine Corps code Semper Fi.

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