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temperancePart 1 TEMPERANCE’S TRIAL:

MARIE GILBERT, code-named is recruited into an experimental all female cohort dubbed the Virtues, a collection of seven extraordinary women with highly specialized skills. Back in her home country of France, Marie clandestinely communicates vital intelligence directly back to Headquarters with a wireless radio, playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the Nazis. (Read more…)

cover_9781939603463_front_640Part 2 HOMELAND’S HOPE:

Code-named HOPE, famed performer VIRGINIA BENOIT performs for standing room only crowds in her adopted home country, France. When the Nazis roll into Paris, she flees to Casablanca, taking the heart of an enemy general with her. She joins the Virtues team and uses her position, talent, and influence with the high ranking Axis officer to aid the Allied cause. (Read more…)

cover_9781939603470_front_640Part 3 CHARITY’S CODE:

DORTHY EWING, code-named CHARITY, works on the home-front, receiving and sending messages to her team in France and coordinating a secret mission with her husband via coded letters. She intercepts the transmission alerting her to a cover blown. The clock is ticking in a race to save a friend’s life. (Read more…)

4ParcelPrudence_640Part 4 A PARCEL FOR PRUDENCE:

Code-named PRUDENCE, royal blooded MURIEL TOLSON speaks French like any native, allowing her to infiltrate Occupied France where she works as a courier, carrying messages, money, and sometimes people through the secret resistance network, aiding the allies to accomplish very dangerous missions behind enemy lines. (Read more…)


RUTH AUBERTIN, code-named GRACE, is a highly trained soldier who speaks multiple languages, is an expert with weapons, explosives, and hand-to-hand combat. Can her team pull off the mission of rescuing a compromised agent, or will too many variables crash together at the wrong time? (Read more…)

06_9781939603500_640Part 6 MISSION OF MERCY:

Code-named MERCY, Doctor BETTY GRIMES spends her days under cover as a Red Cross nurse in Occupied France and her nights providing medical care to injured members of the French Resistance. When Betty is sent to the local prison to see to a prisoner who has taken ill, her shock at treating a dear friend nearly blows her own cover. Now her patient is deathly ill and Betty needs to get her well enough for the coming rescue operation to succeed. (Read more…)

v07-faithPart 7 FLIGHT OF FAITH:

Pilot HELEN MULBERRY, code-named FAITH, flies between Britain and France transporting passengers, supplies, or performing reconnaissance. The Nazis guard their skies with vigor, and Helen learns to fly in combat, land in darkened fields with no lights, and how to evade the antiaircraft fire. Shot down over France during the mission to rescue her fellow agent from the clutches of the Nazis, Helen must make her way through enemy territory with no language skills and somehow come through with a means to get her team back to Britain. (Read more…)



cover-front_9781939603074_640A Melody for James

Melody and James lead separate lives of discord until an unexpected meeting brings them to a sinister realization. Unbeknownst to them, dark forces have directed their lives from the shadows, orchestrating movements that keep them in disharmony. Fire, loss, and bloodshed can’t shake their faith in God to see them through as they face a percussive climax that will leave lives forever changed. (read more…)

A Melody for James is a RONE Award 2013 Finalist for Inspirational Novel of the Year

cover-front_9781939603128_640An Aria for Nick

Aria Suarez uncovers a nuclear plot that threatens the heart of our very nation. Sinister forces surround and threaten her when, out of nowhere, the man who reportedly died so many years before returns as if from the grave – intent on protecting her. Has God finally joined them together? Or is Aria doomed to mourn Nick Williams twice? (read ,more…)

a carol for kentA Carol for Kent

BOBBY Kent’s name is synonymous with modern Country Music and he is no stranger to running from overzealous fans and paparazzo. But now he must protect his daughter and Carol, the mother of his only child, from a vicious and ruthless serial killer bent on their destruction. (read more)



Sapphire Ice, Book 1 of the Jewel SeriesSapphire Ice:
The men in Robin’s life have never been anything but pushers and users. Tony’s intrusion into her exhausted world both infuriates her and intrigues her. Does Tony have a chance to break through the wall of ice Robin built around her heart? (read more …)

Greater Than Rubies, Book 1.5 of the Jewel Series

Greater Than Rubies:

Robin Bartlett said yes. Soon, she will say I do. Or will she? Robin is planning her dream wedding to Antonio “Tony” Viscolli. Anxiety hits when she realizes the magnitude of marrying one of Boston’s “Royal Family.” While juggling wedding stress, her father’s legal problems, and Tony’s recent taking on of a ward — forgotten nightmares return reminding Robin of the horrors of her past.


Greater Than Rubies is an EPIC eBook Award 2014 Finalist in the Spiritual category

Emerald Fire, Book 2 of the Jewel SeriesEmerald Fire:
Barry is a former NFL Superbowler turned attorney. Maxine is an olive skinned American Indian standing tall with long flowing black hair. She works as a very successful marketing account executive. Barry loses his faith when he is suddenly widowed. Maxine is very concerned that he has set his faith aside, especially now that she can finally express her love for Barry. (read more …)

Emerald Fire was a RONE Award 2012 Finalist for Inspirational Novel of the Year

Topaz Heat, Book 3 of the Jewel SeriesTopaz Heat:
From the moment Derrick meets Sarah he knows there is no one else for him. Derek is a poor tough street kid made into a billionaire’s protégé and groomed for wealth and success. Sarah sees only an unshaven tough kid covered with tattoos. She shuts down every advance. A decade later, will Sarah finally set aside her prejudices and open her heart to true love? (read more …)

Emerald Fire was a RONE Award 2012 Nominee for Inspirational Novel of the Year

The Jewel AnthologyThe Jewel Series Anthology:

Hallee Bridgeman’s critically acclaimed Christian anthology, The Jewel Trilogy, together in one book for the first time ever, including the novella. (read more …)


Christmas DiamondChristmas Diamond:

Inspired by the Jewel Series and Virtues and Valor series
Written and published as a Christmas gift to Hallee’s readers and fans, this book is a novella that picks up where the Jewels ends. Christmas is a time of miracles. Faith Green and TJ Viscolli share the common bond of a love of history and romance blossoms. But an accident during the Christmas Eve air show threatens their hope of a life spent together. Will God provide a Christmas miracle, or will the future look cold and dark like a winter night?



Fifty Shades of Gravy; A Christian Gets Saucy!Fifty Shades of Gravy; A Christian Gets Saucy!

While confronting and redeeming a recent popular secular phenomenon, Hallee Bridgeman, A.K.A. “Hallee the Homemaker” rides the gravy train to triumph and hilarity with her premiere cookbook, revealing the secrets of the penultimate comfort food – gravy. Fifty Shades of Gravy; A Christian Gets Saucy! is a cookbook wrapped in a parody surrounded by a comedy with a tongue firmly inserted into a cheek – but the recipes are deadly serious and may leave readers licking the gravy boat. (read more…)

The Walking Bread; The Bread Will Rise!The Walking Bread; The Bread Will Rise!

The Walking Bread is a cookbook wrapped in a parody surrounded by a comedy with a tongue firmly inserted into a cheek — but the recipes are “dead serious” and may leave readers searching for all the tasty bread crumbs. (read more …)

Iron Skillet ManIron Skillet Man; the Stark Truth about Pepper and Pots!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cookbook! Move over men of steel! Make room mutants, aliens, and chemically or radioactively enhanced rescuers! Prepare to assemble your spatulas and get your “Flame on!” while the heroic Hallee the Homemaker™ (whose secret identity is Christian author and blogger Hallee Bridgeman) swings into action and shows her mettle with her third title in the Hallee’s Galley parody cookbook series. Is your skillet-sense starting to tingle? Don’t start crawling the walls, worthy citizen. Hallee constructs comic fun, jabbing at the cultural obsession with super powered heroes and villains. Along the way, readers will thrill to action packed explanations, daring “do it yourself” techniques, tremendous tips, and lots of real food/whole food recipes that achieve truly heroic heights. Ironically, while just a mild mannered cookbook by day, wrapped in a parody and surrounded by a comedy by night — the recipes are absolutely real and within the grasp of ordinary beings. (read more…)