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Welcome to my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment – I love to hear from my readers! Also, check out this week’s interview with a Christian author. There are often giveaways with these interviews!

Monday Morning Chat 2/12/18 – Writing the Virtues and Valor Series – and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello! Welcome to Monday morning coffee and chat!

I really appreciate all of the questions that I get from my readers. Today I’m talking about the challenges I faced while writing the Virtues and Valor Series. Continue reading

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Interview with Author Christine Dillon and a Giveaway!

Welcome to Readers Write to Know! I asked you, my readers, what questions they would ask their favorite authors if given the chance, and the authors visiting my blog answered them! This week, I’m excited to have author Christine Dillon as my guest! She is a missionary in the Philippines – and is Australian. I have a sister-in-law and nephew who are Australian, and had the absolute joy and pleasure of speaking at the Omega Christian Writers Conference in Sydney last year. Australia and the people there have a very special place in my heart. Please enjoy Christine’s interview as much as I did – it is full of wisdom and grace. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Chat 2/5/18 – Writing Suspense Series

Today I’m answering the question:

“Will you ever write another series like the Song of Suspense Series?” Continue reading

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The Mama Bear Had to Rise Up – Parenting and Autism and Big Bullies

Most 11-1/2-year-old boys don’t need their little brothers to stand up for them. But, Scott does. His brother, Jeb, is 9 and his defender and protector. He understands, even at 9, that sometimes he needs to be the one to step in and take charge of a situation that Scott is in. He also understands that as they get older, that will remain his responsibility. Because Scott has autism and the social nuances of life are a total mystery to him. It’s not something we’re going to be able to teach him. It’s something he’s going to have to navigate on his own — well, not on his own. With his brother by his side. Continue reading

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Emerald Fire Is On Sale for Just $0.99!

On Tuesday, January 30th, Jade’s Match will release! In preparation for that, Emerald Fire has been marked down to $0.99 for the ebook! Click here to read the book description. Continue reading

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New Keyboard Makes Me Happy

I go through a keyboard about once a year. I’ve bought really expensive keyboards and really cheap ones. It doesn’t seem to matter what I pay for them – they wear out, or a certain key loses its sensitivity to my touch, or whatever happens that makes it a stumbling point for me in writing. Continue reading

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