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A Melody for James is Free!

Now that I have completed the Song of Suspense Series, I have put A Melody for James free everywhere — although, clearly some of you found out because I haven’t advertised this fact yet and it’s shot to the top of the charts on its own. Continue reading

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Mocha Spice Cake

When I first looked at this recipe, I wondered if the combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and coffee would work — I have to say, it works in amazing ways and this recipe has now made it into my “go to” for autumn cakes. Continue reading

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Hawaiian Coffee Giveaway!

As we were shopping for souvenirs for our kids, I came across a really cool coffee cup and thought about you – my readers. You can enter to win this coffee cup, 7 ounces of Hawaiian coffee, and your choice of one of my paperback books (any paperback you want). Continue reading

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