To the Land That I Will Show You

This verse is God’s command to Abram (later named Abraham) to leave his home, his family, his everything, take his household, and go.

Go where?

“To a land that I WILL show you.”

Future tense, will. Not past tense, have shown; not present tense, am showing. But, future tense, WILL.

How often do we ask God for direction in our lives, but when we don’t get a detailed plans and specifications wrapped in a bow, we don’t believe God has answered our prayers?

Sometimes, when God speaks, He says, “Follow me,” and doesn’t elaborate. Sometimes, we’re supposed to leave with nothing, knowing God will provide as the needs arise.

Friends, don’t let the world’s influences, which are marred by the cacophony of moral relativism and world views that counter Biblical truths, interfere with hearing God’s voice. Don’t let the opinions of others determine whether you’ll listen.

Trust that if He directs you, He will show you.

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