Throwback Thursday and a Free Audiobook!

WAY back in time to when my now married daughter wasn’t even two, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very vivid dream. I am not the type of person who usually remembers her dreams. This one grabbed me and didn’t even let me go back to sleep.

I got out of bed and turned on my computer and just started typing. This story that was sparked by that dream needed to come out of me.

Before I get going too far into this story, let me tell you that I was never a creator. I was on the math team, in the math club, and worked as a secretary. Nothing creative inside of me ever existed…

…until it did.

I never mentioned to anyone what I was doing. I didn’t want to fail to finish the story and have everyone wonder what had happened. Even my then husband didn’t know. I’d get up at 4AM and write until 6AM, then I got my daughter and I ready for our day like normal.

About three weeks into this baffling experience, I blind-sent my mom what I’d written so far.

Let’s pause for a moment. I sent her about 15 chapters of completely raw, unedited, untrained words that had poured out of me in an obsessive way. And she didn’t know they were coming! She just got this package in the mail one day and opened it up.

And, in honesty, told me that she left it sitting on the counter for several days because she was worried it wouldn’t be any good and then she’d have to somehow not tell me that.

Gotta love mamas!

About ten days after I’d sent her that package, my desk phone rang at work. I answered in my normal fashion, and the next thing I heard was, “This is your mother. You need to quit your job and go home and finish that book!”

I didn’t quit my job, but I did finish the book about a week later. And that book, my friends, is what is now titled, A Melody for James.

It’s gone through some transformation in its time. Here is the cover evolution in the almost 10 years since it was published!

A Melody for James currently has a 4.7 our of 5 star rating on Amazon and is a fan favorite. People love this complex story that blends corporate espionage and a country music star who is being terrifyingly stalked. James, one of my favorite male characters of all time, is a brilliant information technology expert, and Melody is a superstar in the country music circles. The two come together in a way just keeps the reader hanging on for dear life.

The ebook is free. You can get your copy here:

I’ve made the audiobook free this weekend only. The price will go back to $14.99 on Monday morning. Get your copy here:

Have a wonderful Thursday and weekend!

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