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Interview with Antonio “Tony” Viscolli

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Welcome to the first installment of Character Interviews: Real Questions — Fictional Answers!

First in line is Antonio “Tony” Viscolli of Sapphire Ice, entrepreneur, business mogul, and adoring husband of Robin.

Tony, I’m thrilled you’ve made time to answer my questions today!

Hallee, I’m always happy to make time for the people in my life who are important.

Well, thank you! I’ve collected several questions that readers are just clamoring to know the answers to, so let’s begin. First up: When Hallee is imagining you in her head, who does she see?

Hallee was actually asked this question once before, and admitted that she had a hard time really coming up with an actor who perfectly fit how she imagines me. But, a close fit is Raul Bova. Looking at the picture she found, I wholeheartedly concur.

raul bova

What made you pick the first business you bought?

That’s a great question. My initial business investments were pretty much purchase, improve, flip – much like you see people doing with the real estate market. I had a limited amount of capital, so I had to purchase something with low overhead that would have value to someone else. That’s what prompted me to invest in a computer company on the stock market. I’d read many reports about the market and felt very good about the investment. With the proceeds from the sale of that stock, I was able to purchase a book store.

Why a book store? Because it was available at a fraction of its worth, for one. For another, I love books and I love reading and learning. I paid attention to what I saw successful bookstores did in common and applied that to my company. Very quickly, I was able to sell it for a huge profit, which I used to invest into another company.

You talk of spending winters in southern Florida while living in Boston when the weather is more mild. As a Floridian, why didn’t you just stay in Florida year-round?

I have often been asked that question. I think there are two good reasons for it. (1) My church and church family are in Boston. They are the only family I have, and I’d rather not live away from them if I have a choice. (2) I believe God wanted me in Boston so that I would meet my wife, Robin. If I had moved down south as soon as I could, I would have sorely missed that opportunity.
When you met Robin at Benedict’s why did you grab her arm out of all the girls waiting on your table?

I was afraid she’d walk away. If have often been criticized for that move by many readers. While I’m sorry my actions possibly offended some, the fact is, it inspired a much longer conversation that we would have had otherwise.

Why did you feel the need to take action against Robin’s dad even though you’d never met the man? I know you felt a sense of protection for Robin, but don’t you think it was a little extreme?

My initial reaction was one of anger and protection. When I did my research and found out who the players were with Craig’s circumstances, and how dangerous the entire situation actually was, I reacted with both fear AND anger. That was, absolutely, extreme. And, as I learned, wrong. But, thankfully God works together for good ALL things for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, and in the end it brought Craig to Christ and gave my children a grandfather for many years.

How did you feel when you realized how bad Robin’s life was growing up?

This is a fallen world and it is filled with pain and anguish. It breaks my heart to think of Robin and her sisters growing up with such tragedy and despair. It makes me feel helpless, which prompts me to act. It is why I give so much to charities and ministries that are in place to help children.

How did you celebrate New Year’s?

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the holidays are filled with parties and fellowship with our friends and extended families. We attend many functions, host many more, and by New Year’s Eve, we are exhausted. We almost always spend that time in our home in the Florida Keys with just our children and their families. TJ and Faith are usually in town for the week of Christmas, and almost always go back to England the first or second of January. It is our family’s time to just be quiet and enjoy each others’ company. The children enjoy lighting fireworks on the beach at midnight, along with most of our neighbors. The next day, we cook out on the beach and enjoy the ability to feel the warm sun on our skin in January.

Thank you, Hallee, for giving me an opportunity to answer some of your readers’ questions. I’ll be available to answer more questions in the comments if anyone happens to ask more.


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A Teaser From Greater Than Rubies

Greater Than Rubies will publish sometime this week or the early part of next week (and will be FREE!!).  In the meantime, here is a teaser:

She read through all of the questions twice. The way that Don Roberts had combined answers from their initial and second interview into a cohesive article revealed every fact she had shared, but also put Robin Bartlett and Tony Viscolli in the best possible light.

When she turned the final page, she found a handwritten sticky note Don had left for her. In really minuscule print, he had written,”Robin, I realize Tony is a billionaire, not a millionaire, but it didn’t have the same alliterative ring to it for the headline. You should know that I’m also a believer. I admire what the two of you are doing. The truth is you gave me a lot to think about, a lot to admire, and a lot to pray about. I wanted you to know that I am going to stop hiding my light under a bushel so much and let it shine a little more often. I pray I did you justice with this piece. Thanks for witnessing to me. Yours in Christ, DR.”

The woman this Inside Boston article portrayed, from the photographs to the out of context quotations, was not the woman holding and reading the magazine. The woman within these pages was confident, competent, and capable. Magazine article Robin was accomplished, witty, polished, and professional. That Robin would certainly make a fine match for Tony Viscolli. She would love him and support him and make him happy throughout his lifetime.

By contrast, the very real Robin Bartlett had brought nothing but conflict, heartache, and shame to Tony Viscolli since the very day he had first laid eyes on her. Everything about her spelled trouble from her heritage, her violent past, her lack of education, to her ignorance of the day to day politics of the high society world in which he lived. She wondered how Don Roberts would handle the fact that the woman who had witnessed to him so profoundly was less than two weeks away from leaving Tony Viscolli at the altar.

This magazine would hit newsstands tomorrow. She could not fight that. She could not run from that. She could not hide from that. She envisioned her life spinning away and out of control, down into a bottomless vortex like a fast sinking ship. She envisioned taking Tony and dozens of others down along with her.


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Six Sentence Sunday: Remove Your Hand…or Else

She could never take him on in a game of cards.  Every cruel thought in her imagination seared right through her sapphire eyes and bored into his, which he struggled to keep impassive.  Still, she maintained her cool façade, something he deeply admired amidst his mirth.  Tony carefully bit down on the inside of his lip to keep himself from laughing at her next words.  “I don’t play those games, Mr. Viscolli.  Remove your hand, or else I’ll remove it.”


Want to read more?  Sapphire Ice will publish this month!  Check back soon for dates!

What is Six Sentence Sunday?

1) pick a project – a current Work in Progress, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published

2) pick six sentences

3) post ‘em on Sunday

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