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Chatting with Author Suzan Tisdale

I spent the day with the amazing and wonderful author Suzan Tisdale in her home near Peoria, Illinois, last weekend. We cooked all day Saturday, whipping up several Scottish inspired recipes:

Scotch Eggs with Sauce

Meat Pies with Hallee’s “On the Fly” Dip

Chocolate Scotch Bundt Cake with Scotch Caramel Sauce

Orange Chocolate Scotch Mousse with Scotch Whipped Cream

We had a blast! After cooking all day, we spent some time sitting on her patio, chatting about books, writing, audio books, and life. Here is the video: Continue reading

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Scotch Eggs with Sauce

Author Suzan Tisdale and I had a blast cooking in her kitchen last weekend. One of the dishes we made was Scotch Eggs with a Cayenne Mayonnaise Sauce. These are SO GOOD! I’d never made Scotch Eggs before, and I can assure you that they will now be a regular in our house. Check out the video of us making the recipe! Continue reading

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Scottish Meat Pies and Hallee’s “On the Fly” Dip

I spent the weekend with author Suzan Tisdale in her beautiful home near Peoria, Illinois, and the two of us whipped up a couple of Scottish recipes. We had SUCH A BLAST. Here is the recipe for the Meat Pies and my “On the Fly” Dip. Continue reading

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