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Interview: Jo Wanmer

I am so honored today to be hosting author Jo Wanmer on my Readers Write to Know Wednesdays.  Jo is the author of Though the Bud be Bruised, which is a fictional story stemmed from her daughter’s real life sexual abuse.  I cannot imagine the strength and beauty of character that allows Jo to write this story with the intent to focus on healing and the unconditional love of God.  Please enjoy this interview as much as I did.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I live in beautiful Brisbane on the east coast of Australia, with Steve, my husband of forty-one years. We have two children and eight wonderful grandchildren. We are associate pastors, business owners, lovers of Jesus and besotted grandparents.  My passion is to tell of the amazing love of God.

Tell us about your current release.

“Though the Bud be Bruised” is my first book. About twenty years ago, my family walked through trauma following the disclosure that one of our children had suffered sexual abuse. As we struggled to come to terms with the consequences, my whole life was changed. Everything I believed was challenged. Yet we emerged with a greater knowledge and understanding of life, faith and God.  It was an amazing experience that I wanted to share, so I decided to write a book. It burned within me; a tale stranger than fiction; a story of God’s grace in extremity. The book is tragic and yet powerful, compelling and victorious, displaying the greatest power on earth – the unconditional love of God.

What made you take the plunge and finally do it?

My first several attempts at writing were bland and boring. Assuming I couldn’t write, I had nearly given up.  On holidays two years ago, I read four novels in three days. They sparked an idea. I could tell my story as a fiction! I started that day and had 15,000 words done within days.

This genre hid people and places and allowed great flexibility, enabling me to bring the strengths of my story through characterisation and conversation.


Interview: Teri Thackston

I’m excited to introduce Teri Thackston for today’s Readers’ Write to Know Wednesday!  Teri is the author of the paranormal romance, Wait Until Moonrise.  Enjoy the interview, and read how a waltz in a Disney movie sparked an entire book!

Hi, Hallee. Thanks so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a born and raised Texas girl with a deep pride in my state and my family, as well as a strong faith in the Lord. My husband was my high school sweetie and we have two handsome and talented sons. I’ve been writing stories since I could string words together on paper, but only started publishing my book-length stories a few years ago.

2. Tell us about your current release.

Moonrise is a paranormal romance that begins in 18th century Wales with a spell cast upon Nicholas Pierce, Earl of Beaumarith. A sorceress curses him to be unseen and unheard until his true love frees him by professing her love in the moonlight. More than two hundred years later, Bria Leighton, an American school teacher, arrives at Beaumarith castle. She is frightened by the sight of a handsome ghost that appears to her only in moonlight. Once Nicholas explains that he is no ghost and that only his true love can see him, Bria wants to help him. But there are two problems: she’s already engaged to be married and the sorceress—Saffira—has returned to claim Nicholas for her own.


Interview: Tammy Hill

I am so pleased to introduce you to Tammy Hill today.  I have a 15-year-old avid reader, so it’s always fantastic to discover a new Young Adult Christian novelist.  Her novel, Knowing, released yesterday!  I am definitely getting it for my daughter to read.  I hope you read it as well.  Tammy is here answering your questions about her.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in a small town in the South.  I was a divorced, single parent for a few years until I married my husband of fifteen years.  We traveled quite a bit when my husband was in the Army and fell in love with Paris when stationed in Germany.  Last summer, the “door opened” to move overseas so, we took the plunge and moved to France. I’m now a stay-at-home mom.  I love reading, photography, travel, and recently realized that I really love writing fiction.
 Tell us about your current release.
 Knowing-A Series of Gifts is a young adult supernatural romance.  It is set in Georgia and is about Ember Matthews, a teen who is getting a second chance at life.  After restoring her relationship with Christ, she realizes she wants more from life.  Through her hunger, Ember is given a gift that neither she nor her friends understand.   The book is about making mistakes, forgiveness, and learning to serve others in love.
What is your personal, most effective way to get past writer’s block?
I had to spend time alone to get past any blocks.  When the distractions disappeared, or at least quieted a little, the story would start flowing.  I wrote many mornings before the sun came up.  Anyone who knows me knows–my getting up that early on my own volition was a miracle in itself.   I also rarely made it through a shower without hopping out and running to my room to write.  I lost many good notes by water and bubble damage.


Interview: Taryn Raye

I am SO excited today to introduce you to romance author Taryn Raye.  Taryn is such an amazing networking friend for me — if I announce anything, I can always count on her to spread the word.  She has a new release out with Turquoise Morning Press called Castaway Hearts.  Please enjoy Taryn answering your questions as much as I enjoyed having her here today!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in a small town in Kentucky.  My father is a carpenter, my mother a homemaker and I have one younger sister. The town I grew up in is the famous home of Wild Turkey Distillers and a hop, skip and jump from Lexington, home of Keenland, the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Wildcats. Nowadays I live further south, in the country with my wonderful husband who doesn’t mind that I often live multiple lives- the one we share and the ones bouncing around in my head. I have a 13 year old stepson, a 9 year old daughter and we have one furbaby- Miscellaneous- aka Mizzy- our 9 year old female cat.

2.  Tell us about your book.

Twice orphaned, Catherine Barrett arrives in Virginia a stranger to her closest kin and secretly engaged to the one man her family would disapprove of- her seafaring grandfather’s apprentice. Add to her troubles, the rich and intriguing older brother of her secret betrothed, Dawson Randolph, a plantation owner who is as heartless as he is handsome. Heartbroken when her intended sets sail for his maiden voyage, Catherine finds it difficult to adjust to her new life, hoping to befriend the one man who is, undoubtedly, the match her grandparents wish for her. Dawson’s distaste for her secret engagement to his brother makes it clear he has no designs for marriage to anyone. Especially her.

Ten years since the tragic loss of his young wife and infant son, Dawson Randolph is convinced love and marriage is a fool’s game and resents being pardon to his brother’s hidden engagement. Damned by his instant attraction and his own growing desire, Dawson vows to befriend her against his better judgment. Determined to bring her happiness in a time of fear and uncertainty, Dawson puts aside his animosity to become her confidant, only to realize Catherine holds the key to his heart. When tragedy strikes at sea, Catherine’s guilt pushes Dawson to the fringes of her life as madness consumes her.

Can his love save her before she drowns in her own grief? Or is he doomed to love her from a distance, always in the shadow of her love for his dead brother?


Interview: Katherine Lowry Logan

I am SO excited today to introduce you to Katherine Lowry Logan.  Kathy and I have known each other for a few years, as members of the Kentucky Romance Writers, and have recently discovered through family trees that we are distant distant Poe cousins.  Fancy that — two Poes who are writers.  (And, for those of you in the Kentucky area, Kathy and I will be sharing a table at the Carnegie Center Book Fair this Saturday from 10-2.)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I’m a long distance runner and an avid reader who turned a love of reading into a passion for writing. I graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey, where I earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduation, I attended the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training, earned a General Practice Certification, then returned to Central Kentucky and worked for twenty years as a paralegal and law firm office manager.

I’m a grandmother and spend several weeks every year in New York City with three of my five grandchildren. The other two live in Northern Kentucky, making it possible to attend ballgames and Grandparents’ Day. I take my grandmother job (spoil the kids) very seriously! 

Tell us about your book

The Ruby Brooch is a mix of genres. It’s a mystery, a paranormal (time travel), and a romance. You can think of it as Little House on the Prairie meets Somewhere in Time with a Perry Mason type ending.

Although the story begins and ends on a fictional Thoroughbred farm in Central Kentucky, it mostly takes place in the American west in 1852.

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