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An Interview with Author Amanda Cabot

Welcome to Readers Write to Know! I asked you, my readers, what questions they would ask their favorite authors if given the chance. This week, I’m so pleased to introduce to you Amanda Cabot. Being married to someone in the IT field, that is always on my radar. Over the years, it has been amazing to me how many technical writers come out of IT and into the romance writing field! Amanda is one of those amazing writers who shifted from technical to romance. I loved reading her interview, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Interview: Amber Kallyn

Welcome to Readers Write to Know Wednesday. I asked you, my readers, what questions you’d ask your favorite authors if given a chance. This week, author Amber Kallyn is my guest answering your questions. I’m so happy to introduce her to you. Amber is a paranormal author who loves vampire stories. I am fascinated by her method of writing — I’ve looked at the machine she uses and felt like there was no way I’d be able to use it because of all the reasons she likes it to so much! It’s wonderful to discover how different processes work for different authors!

Interview: Kimberley Payne

Welcome to Readers Write to Know Wednesday! I have always been interested in both physical fitness and spiritual fitness, so I am so excited to introduce to you Kimberley Payne, the author of Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health, a book that takes the reader on a journey to improve BOTH physical and spiritual health. Please enjoy reading her answers to your questions.

Interview: Carol Brown

I am excited today to introduce to you author Carol Brown for today’s Writers’ Write to Know Wednesdays. Carol is a pastor’s wife, has a B.A. in anthropology and languages, and has ministered with her husband all over the world – from in Idaho to Indiana to Ohio to Australia to German to Finland to Canada! Carol writes children’s books and non-fiction books. Please enjoy her answers to your questions!

Interview: Donna Dawson

I am excited to introduce to you Donna Dawson for this week’s Readers Write to Know Wednesdays! Donna was a freelance magazine writer and has written five novels. The one she is premiering here today is called Rescued. It is a suspense novel with a FASCINATING plot. You have to read on to see how she came up with the idea. This is definitely a book I look forward to reading!

Interview: Deborah McCarragher

[readers write to know] I am so happy to introduce to you Deborah McCarragher. She has written a book to help women who are in unevenly yoked marriages. There are so many people out there in that situation that I imagine this book is greatly needed. I know that I was once myself in an unevenly yoked marriage (in my first marriage) and understand how hard it is and the pain that can be associated with it.

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