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Monday Morning Coffee and Chat 4/29/19 – Autism Awareness

Today on the last Monday of Autism Awareness Month, I’m talking a little bit about autism and parenting an autistic child. Continue reading

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Autism and Food Struggles

I say all that to say that when our son Scott (who is now 12) was 2.5-3, we didn’t know he had autism. If we had known, we likely would have done food completely differently — and done it to a detriment to him. Continue reading

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Autism: Boys of Summer

Yesterday, we packed up the boys up to go sign up for baseball. On the way there, Gregg told me that he felt like we should let Scott sign up for a regular team. His reasoning was that he doesn’t want to apply limits that may not be necessary to apply. He said he would rather give him an opportunity to play a regular team and if he fails, move him to the special needs team. Continue reading

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Today’s Meltdown Brought To You By…

This morning, I allowed 15 extra minutes and got out the clothes from which I would allow him to choose and he melted down. Clothes went everywhere. Tears fell. Beds were kicked. Pillows thrown. Choices given. Continue reading

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