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Words Have Power

I have a junk mail email account. Any shopping organization, blog newsletter signups — anywhere that asks me for my email address, I give them this junk one. I regularly scroll through the senders and subject lines to make sure I don’t miss an important email that might have gotten lost in there.

Today, I saw a subject line from some motivational speaker that read, “How many lives will you change today?”

That gave me pause. How many lives will I change today?

And then I thought further — who am I to think that  I could change a life?

I recently came home from attending the Omega Christian Writers Conference in Sydney, Australia. As I type this, I’m suffering from severe jet lag and am awake at 12:31 in the morning (quite unheard of for me). My alarm will go off in 4.5 hours and I feel tired just thinking about it, but I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

So, at the end of this conference, during a group session, the leader encouraged the attenders to pray to God to give us each a word that would define our coming year. Through my years in church services and worship gatherings, the idea of praying to God to get an immediate answer to some profound future mission is not unheard of, but I’ve personally rarely received any kind of “word” in that vein. But, I bowed my head and sincerely prayed for God to give me a “word”. Like a voice in my head, I heard the word “POWER”.


Power? I’m hardly powerful. There’s nothing about me that’s powerful. I’m certain that often I’m the opposite of powerful.

Thinking I’d made that up in my own mind, I continued praying. “Please God, give me a word for my coming year. If there was one word that could define what my writing can accomplish, please reveal that.”

Again, I heard, in an actual voice as if someone sat right beside me, “POWER.”


What does that mean? Does that mean my words will give someone POWER? Does that mean that the POWER of God will be revealed through me? Or does that mean that I will have the POWER to overcome obstacles in my life and continue to work toward my mission statement?

Hallee prayerfully crafts stories as modern day parables to uplift fellow believers and minister to seekers in our fallen world.

I don’t know. A single word comes with no elaboration. But, when I read through the subject lines of this junk email account and saw the words, “How many lives will you change today?”, I could do nothing but suddenly remember the word POWER.


God has given me a the power to craft words that can positively affect lives. My email box is filled with testimonials from readers over the last four years who have come to know Christ, come back to Christ, had a positive change in their relationships with their husbands — on and on the emails go, giving me evidence to the power of the written word. Because I pray before I write, because I allow myself to be open to the Holy Spirit and what he would have me say, I truly believe that through Him, I reveal the power of Christ to change lives.


What is your word? What will God reveal to you today about your coming year? What about your ministry work? How can God work within you in a way that glorifies Him? What is your word?

I’m excited and apprehensive to see how POWER plays in my year. I’d love to hear about what God reveals to you.


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What A Year!

Sapphire Ice 400 600One year ago today, I released my first book, Sapphire Ice, Book 1 of the Jewel Trilogy.  Since then, I’ve released three more fiction books, compiled an anthology, and released a cookbook.

From a business perspective, I feel like this year has taught me that I have set out on a successful venture. I have made sound decisions that will continue to achieve growth.  Every book did well when it was released, and I was pleased with the fact that every day, I sold something.  But as I learned the business and studied the market and success/failure stories of other independently published authors, I made the novella, Greater Than Rubies, free — forever free, not just a weekend promotion free.  As I write this, in the last 7 weeks alone, I’ve given away about 70,000 copies of Greater Than Rubies.  And after reading the free novella and getting to know me, thousands of readers decide to purchase the entire series.

From the point of view of ministry, publishing my books has touched many, many lives.  The stories of realistically portrayed and very flawed human characters struggling with decisions, actions, and consequences who find peace and redemption in God’s love continue to inspire and uplift people all over the world.  It has been an amazing learning process and an incredible experience.  I wish I could share with you the notes and letters I receive from people who have read my books, and how much encouragement and support I receive.

I’m not stopping with the Jewel Series and a gravy cookbook, by any means.  In the coming weeks, I’ll publish two more whole food/real food cookbooks. My next major fiction releases of novel length works is entitled the Suspense in Song Series, and the premier novel in that series, A Melody for James, is due to come out sometime in May if all goes well. We are “back to the drawing board” on the cover art for these books so expect a big “reveal” soon. Still in development are the stories of Carol, Aria, and Harmony. Like the Jewels, these stories will all have a unifying theme, in this case it is music, they will all be love stories, they will all center around some element of faith, and they will share events and characters within a contemporary setting. Unlike the Jewels, elements of mystery and suspense play a much more prominent role than romance.

07FaithCoverDraft1The most exciting news is that this year, I am also going to introduce a new series, something that is near and dear to my heart. If you know anything about me then you know that I am fascinated with the era surrounding World War II. This year, I am publishing a series of novellas about women who serve the Allied cause during the second World War. It is called The Virtues and Valor Series. The first set of novellas will tell the stories of secret agents whose code names are: Temperance, Mercy, Charity, Prudence, Hope, Grace, and Faith.

All of these are all in different stages of development — some are waiting final edits, some need final cover art, some are just getting started, and some are ready for a publication date to be set.  All of them are going to be really, really fun to share with the world.

I’m just getting started, and am so excited to see what God has in store for me for this coming year!


Hallee Bridgeman Precious Signature

I’m so grateful for your visit, today.
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