New Keyboard Makes Me Happy

I go through a keyboard about once a year. I’ve bought really expensive keyboards and really cheap ones. It doesn’t seem to matter what I pay for them – they wear out, or a certain key loses its sensitivity to my touch, or whatever happens that makes it a stumbling point for me in writing.

I tried a different brand last time — a gaming keyboard designed to take the impact of a gamer, and the keys lit up in a neat way. It had wonderful sound when I clicked the keys. They were a little less sensitive to touch – I had to press a little harder – and in the last year I had it, the pain in the joints of my fingers has increased. I don’t know how much of that has to do with my age and my profession, or the keyboard.

I went back to my old brand for my new keyboard. I paid a fraction of the cost, but it feels perfect as I type on it. It’s like my brain remembers exactly how to press on the keys. The clickety-clack is what my ears is listening for.  The longer I type on it, the more familiar it becomes and the faster my fingers can fly.


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  1. Sounds like you’d bought a Cherry Brown mechanical keyboard. I switched to a mechanical… I don’t remember when. Couple of years now, and I use Cherry Blue switches, so I get the crisp feel but the keys aren’t as stiff.

    At any rate, you have what works for you, so go you! But if you decide to give another mechanical a try, learn about the different switches and see if you can try some before you buy. I love mine… but if I’d gotten a Cherry Brown, I bet I’d be as unhappy as it sounds like you were. No one deserves to be uncomfortable when they write! (and an increasing number of my clients are switching over to voice dictation entirely, which makes editing their works an entirely new experience.)

  2. I love my bright pink Razer huntsman elite
    keyboard. I am a writer – not a player – so I only bought it for looks. The keys are very clack and old-fashioned, which is fun, but I could never use it in an office with other people because it is loud. Working from home is fine and I enjoy the clatter. The lighting options are a bit difficult to program in the app (maybe because I’m not a player), but it’s worth playing around because it’s so nice to see the bright colors behind the buttons.
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  3. Most gaming keyboards
    feature mechanical keys instead of the membrane keyboards out there. The keys on these keyboards are much easier to press and often don’t have to be pressed with as much force as other types of keyboards. This means you can type much faster on it compared to other keyboards

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