Love Your Brother

The world we live in is a scary place, my friends. The hate over politics, ethnicity, cultural differences, skin tones – it doesn’t seem to be getting better. It seems to be getting worse. The news is filled with horrible words, rash judgement, ignorance, and speech designed to fan the flames of hate and further divide the chasm between us.

Yeshuah, Christ the Messiah, claimed to be the Light of the World. If we follow Him, He’s promised us that we won’t have darkness, but we will have the Light. However, if we hate our brother, that darkness is going to come creeping in.

It’s more than just our society, though, isn’t it? It’s more than a cultural war or a race war or people with microphones loudly making proclamations. It’s also inside of us, in our own interpersonal relationships. We tend to hang on to anger and resentment and let them fester inside of us until it escapes in the most horrible ways, in the worst thoughts, in the vicious language.

Right now is the time when we can cling to God’s promises and forgive. Forgive the way we have been forgiven – even when we didn’t deserve it for a second.

Don’t let the darkness in! Love your brother, love your sister, and let the Light that is Christ Jesus shine from you in a way that it spreads from brother to sister, until the world is glowing and the darkness has to run and hide! Each one of us have the power inside of us to change the world. We just have to let it shine out from us.


    • Mary R Kennemer on February 19, 2022 at 09:01
    • Reply

    Thanks for your blogs. I always enjoy them. Your books are some of my favorites.

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