Interview with Sara R. Turnquist and a Giveaway

Welcome to Readers Write to Know! I asked you, my readers, what questions they would ask their favorite authors if given the chance, and the authors visiting my blog answered them! I’m so thrilled to have my friend Sara Turnquist as my guest! Sara and I have had our paths cross many times between writing world and ministry world, and I always love having a chance to spend time with her. I love seeing how much her husband has a hand in her writing ministry because mine does as well. I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I did! Read on to see how you can enter to win an ebook of her latest release!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a mom of three crazy kiddos, two of which are on the Autism Spectrum…which, as you know, brings something more interesting to the equation. I have a very supportive husband who is my biggest fan. And I am a full-time writer of clean Historical Romance. Since 2015, I have (hybrid) published 17 works. It’s been quite the journey.

Tell us about your current release: A Less Convenient Arrangement is book 7 in my CONVENIENT RISK SERIES. This series was somewhat of a surprise to me as it was intended to be one standalone book. But it expanded. The books in the series, including A Less Convenient Arrangement, can be read as standalones, but happen in the same time period and fictional town.

This book features a lawyer from Richmond named David Anderson who is eager to return to his home and a partnership in a law firm, but he is waylaid when he comes across Sadie Rose Perkins, the daughter of the small town’s banker who has just embezzled the town’s money and fled. Desperate to protect her addled mother and herself, Sadie has some legal entanglements to resolve. A chance meeting places David in her path. Though he doesn’t care to stay, he is drawn into Sadie’s plight.

If you knew ahead of time your book would benefit only one person on their spiritual journey, would you still write it? ABSOLUTELY! I write for God’s glory to be shown in these stories. It is my desire that the messages in the books make an impact on hearts for His Kingdom. Even if that’s just one person. It thrills me to think that He would use what I have offered to speak to others…again, even just one person. It’s not about me, but about Him.

What inspired you to start writing, or did you always want to write? I always had strong writing skills in school. And I always tinkered with short stories and whatnot. But it wasn’t until my husband read one of the stories I wrote and really pushed me to seek publication that I took it seriously at all. So, I suppose it was God who instilled the love of writing and He used my husband to help me see that it could impact others.

Do you have your plotline and character development already laid out before you begin writing a book, or do they develop as you write? I started out as a pure “pantser” (“write by the seat of my pants” writer with no outline or plan). Writing stories intertwined with historical happenings lends itself to some form of plan or outline. And the more I write, the more I have come to appreciate a plan. But I always take time to develop my characters. I would say still my plotting is more of a framework than anything super specific.

What is your inspiration for writing? Oh, anything really. The first book published was inspired by a trip to a historical royal summer hunting chateau in the Czech Republic. The story just began to unfold as I toured the place. The CONVENIENT RISK SERIES was initially inspired by a set of headstones (I promise, not in a creepy way…more in a historically intriguing way). I’ve found inspiration in antique objects, paintings, music, and historical tidbits I’ve come across along the years.

Who were some of your favorite authors as a child? (Book series, maybe?)I loved mysteries, like Nancy Drew, science fiction in general, the Christian Historical MANDIE SERIES, and I also enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a very young reader. I have always been a voracious reader.

What is the farthest location you traveled to in order to research a book? My first series was inspired by my time in the Czech Republic. I spent 5 summers as a young adult there. I fell in love with the people, culture, architecture, and history of the area. And that inspired my series and deepened my love for storytelling.

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Sara is giving away two copies of her ebook A Less Convenient Arrangement! Here’s all the ways you can enter to win!


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    • SARA R TURNQUIST on April 13, 2022 at 11:49
    • Reply

    Thanks for hosting me today, Hallee!

    1. So happy to have you!

    • Trudy on April 13, 2022 at 14:05
    • Reply

    Sounds like a great book!!

  1. I love that you spent time in the Czech Republic! I have always wanted to visit there!

    • Susan Roberts on April 19, 2022 at 07:58
    • Reply

    I have friend who has ministered many times in the Czech Republic. I look forward to reading your book.
    Blessings on you and Hallee. Please continue this great avenue of ministry.

    • Julie J on April 19, 2022 at 14:42
    • Reply

    Loved the interview! Also love me some Nancy Drew. I LIVED on those books as a kid.

    • Sheila on April 19, 2022 at 23:04
    • Reply

    I read your bio where you said your [Sara] super power was turning caffeine into novels! Love this.

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