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Welcome to Readers Write to Know! I asked you, my readers, what questions they would ask their favorite authors if given the chance, and the authors visiting my blog answered them! This week, I have romance author Bonita McCoy as my guest! She learned that she loved writing romance more than anything – much like me – and is giving away a copy of her latest book. Read on to see how you can enter to win a copy!

Tell us a little about yourself. Well, I live in the great state of Alabama with my husband of almost thirty years on a five-acre hobby farm. We have two dogs, two cats, and two horses. It’s sort of reminds me of Noah’s ark.

We have three mostly grown sons. The two oldest are married, and we enjoy both of our daughters-in-love very much. Our youngest son is living at home while he attends college. With college and work, we don’t see him much.

I spend my days praying, drinking coffee, teaching high school literature to homeschoolers, and writing sweet, clean romances. Oh, and I do like to surf Facebook and Instagram on occasion.

Tell us about your current release. Truth Be Told is a sweet, clean romance centered around the Sawyer Family and the small town of Miller Creek.

Adele Sawyer loves to play matchmaker. So, when she finds out that Claire Reed needs a job and that her nephew Haden Sawyer needs a secretary for his construction company, she thinks it’s a match built in heaven.

The last thing on Claire Reed’s mind is love. She has one man in her life, and he’s all she needs. Well, he’s all she can juggle. Taking care of her son Henry with his medical issues and trying to stay employed is all Claire has time for these days. But she can’t stop herself from noticing the dimples etched in Haden’s rugged features or how much he loves his family. No matter how infuriating the man can be.

Haden suffered from a broken heart after he called off his wedding to Sarah Dempsey. But after a year’s worth of telling himself he did the right thing and a mound of cheeseburgers, he thinks he might be willing to welcome someone new into his life. However, when his ex-fiancé moves back to town, a little white lie threatens to wreck his chances with the kindhearted Claire.

I am currently working on book two of the Sawyer Family series, and I am hoping to release Seeds of Love in April.

I keep pretty busy between writing, marketing, and publishing. I love it though. I’m sure you understand all about that.

What inspired you to start writing, or did you always want to write? A funny thing happened on the way to home room one day in Junior High. I found out about the Journalism class and decided to try out for it. I got it and spent the next two years learning to write news articles.

We not only wrote the articles, but we took the pictures and did the layouts. The local newspaper printed ours for us, so I got real world experience at thirteen. It was such a thrill to see your words in print. I guess I kept going.

Do you write your books for your own enjoyment or more for what you think people would want to read? Both and no, that’s not a cop out. My first novel was a cozy murder mystery. I do like to read those type stories, but I found I was more interested in writing the love subplot then I was trying to fit in the red herrings.

So, I moved to romance and immediately loved it.

However, I was not ignorant of the fact that eighty percent of fiction is written for the romance genre, or that it is still the number one best seller. So, I am blessed. I get to write what I love and what is popular.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had a great writing idea? It’s either on horseback while we were out on a trail ride or at the mall with my brain storming buddy. Whenever we get together and start plotting out a scene, we laugh and cut up. I’m sure if anyone over heard us they’d think we were talking about real people the way we chat about the characters.

How did you determine whether to self-publish or seek a traditional publisher? A lot of prayer and my personality. I like learning all about the business and determining for myself what I can do and what to delegate to others.

It is a little scary and very daunting being an indie author, but I’ve enjoyed the process. The learning curve has been steep, but with each book published, I add to my arsenal of information, so each book is better then the one before it.

If you knew ahead of time your book would benefit only one person on their spiritual journey, would you still write it? Yes, because God is the one who has called me to write. He put it in me to do. So, I don’t write necessarily to please people but to please God. How he chooses to use this skill He gave me is up to Him. Ten, five, one or none. If He says write, I write.

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    • Paula Marie on March 15, 2019 at 19:05
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    This books sounds wonderful!

    • Deanna on March 16, 2019 at 00:09
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    Thank you for a great interview. I appreciate a clean romance!

    • Michele Olney on March 17, 2019 at 21:51
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    I have read this book and it is a page turner. I couldn’t put it down. It is a sweet, wholesome book with characters you get to know and love. Can’t wait until April.

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