How a Country Song Changed My Life

In the early morning of January 1, 1999, I had a dream inspired by a Toby Keith song called “Dream Walkin'”. The song is about a man who had a one-night stand with a woman who he never saw again, but he dreams about her. I don’t know what made me dream about that song, but when I did, I developed an entire story around the song. I woke up at two in the morning and started writing it down. Six weeks later, I had the original version of A Melody for James.

At the time, I’d named it Song of Redemption. It was a secular romance, so the story-line was slightly different. James and Melody met at a party and had a one-night stand — much like the song. In the published (and what I call”redeemed”) version, they meet at an airport during a long layover.

Most of the rest of the story stayed the same, though.

A progression of the covers of A MELODY FOR JAMES

I’d never considered writing before. I was 27-years-old. When I finished writing the book, I thought, “Well, that was weird. That will never happen again.” However, the second I typed, “The End,” my mind was filled with a deluge of book ideas. It actually took me a few years to learn to quiet the constant stream of plots and characters that flow through my mind. Since that dream about a silly country song back in 1999 (with a 10-year break for a whole lot of life happenings), I’ve written 38 books, and published 34 of them.

Many authors won’t ever publish their first book. It takes a lot of time and a LOT of writing to develop rhythm, storytelling, pace, and style. It simply doesn’t exist with the first book. I’d written and published four books before I ever came back to James and Melody’s story. Redeeming it, adding relationships with Christ, fixing motivations to be much less worldly, and tightening my characterization was almost more work that writing it in the first place; however, it remains a fan-favorite and I’m so thankful that I didn’t keep it hidden away — that I put the work into it that it needed to bring it out into the light.

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A Melody for James

A Melody for James

Melody and James lead separate lives of discord until an unexpected meeting brings them to a sinister realization. Unbeknownst to them, dark forces have directed their lives from the shadows, orchestrating movements that keep them in disharmony. Fire, loss, and bloodshed can't shake their faith in God to see them through as they face a percussive climax that will leave lives forever changed.

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About the Book

Strangers meet during an unexpected layover. Hours later, their hearts sing a harmonious duet.

Melody Mason finds James Montgomery sincere, honest, and keenly intelligent with a tenderness that contradicts his broad stature. Melody lifts James from the depths of all- consuming grief for the first time since his wife’s murder. Uncannily, they learn that they share much in common. They begin to wonder whether God brought them together. Though determined to unite, sinister events take an ominous turn. The couple won’t even see each other for four long years. Melody rises to stardom as America’s newest Country Music sensation while James brings a billion dollar technological breakthrough within reach. The two finally reunite and find the connection between them has only grown stronger in tempo, joining them like notes in a symphony. But once more, a terrifying hidden truth secretly sneers at their hopes for happiness. After so long apart, the couple must work in close concert. They have to put all their faith in God as they solve the deadly mystery that ties their lives inexplicably together time and again.
Series: The Song of Suspense Series, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tags: A Melody for James, First in Series Free, Free, Song of Suspense
Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press, Inc.
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781681900919
List Price: 5.99
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