Christian Fiction Friday: July 3rd

Welcome to this week’s edition of Christian Fiction Friday brought to you by me and my lovely and talented co-host, Alana Terry! This is a chance for Christian authors to post short snippets from their works in progress! Easy and fun!

This week, I’ve been finishing Valor’s Vigil, book 8 in my Virtues and Valor series. Here is a snippet from Chapter 7 and a conversation between Leopold Schäfer and Virginia Benoit.

“You’re American. Where are you from?” she asked in perfect southern-accented English.

He raised both eyebrows. In plain English, he answered, “Oregon.”

Continuing in English, Virginia answered, “I’m from St. Louis by way of New Orleans.”

“I know exactly who you are.” As her face fell at his words, he gentled his voice slightly, “Even if I hadn’t, I thought I heard a twang in your French.”

“You heard no such thing.” She shifted her long red skirts and sashayed across the room to the tea service that sat on a table by the couch. As she bent, he heard her gasp in pain and start to reach her hand toward her abdomen. Curious, he examined the room. In the corner from behind a dressing screen, he saw the tip of a black boot. Could that boot possibly be on the foot of an incapacitated German SS Colonel? “Would you care for some tea?”

“No, thank you.” She swished her skirts and turned to face him.

“I do hope you will enjoy the performance, even if you didn’t get to approve it,” she said with a flirtatious smile as she took a sip of the long cooled tea.

“I hope so, too,” he said. He could not risk anyone else coming into this room. “I confess I have been looking forward to meeting you. I will return in a moment.” He clicked the heels of his highly shined jack boots and left the room, shutting the door behind him. In the hall, he found the young lieutenant who had been assigned to see to the needs of the famous singer.

“I will be escorting Miss Benoit to the stage. What time is she due to be on?”

“Five minutes, sir,” the lieutenant replied, looking at his watch. “I was just on my way to give her the time.”

“I’ll handle it. Thank you, Lieutenant.”

Clearly dismissed, the younger man turned and Leo knocked sharply on the door of the room and entered. He saw Virginia seated on the couch, her fist against her mouth, her eyes wide with fear.

She clearly forcibly relaxed and smiled. “No matter how big or small the venue, I always get a little jumpy right before a show.”

Dryly, he replied, “I find that astonishing, Miss Benoit, given your credentials and years of experience.”

Virginia took a deep breath and let out an exaggerated sigh. “It’s true. Please don’t let on. Underneath the glamorous gowns and the makeup, I’m still just a southern girl from small town America.”

He stared at her and shook his head. “I would not be overly concerned about this crowd if I were you. The men are in such need of distraction after months of boredom, a monkey grinding a hand organ would surely entertain them at this point.”

The look of pain that crossed her face made him regret his words. He so very much wanted to ask her about what happened before. Perhaps, one day, they could meet away from such a hostile environment. He looked around, trying to find clues.

“Have you seen me perform before?”

He shook his head. “I’m afraid not. But I am very much looking forward to it.”

Virginia stood, placing herself between him and the dressing screen, clearly trying to block his view of the boot. “It’s only a bit early. Would you escort me to the stage, sir? We could continue our conversation until it’s time to perform.”

“It will be my honor. And I hope it isn’t forward of me to propose that we speak together more before you must depart, Miss Benoit. My English has suffered greatly in the last few months since my arrival.”

She smiled a very practiced dazzling smile and nodded, “An opportunity to speak more with a handsome young officer in Hitler’s mighty Army? What kind of red blooded woman could refuse such an offer?”

Now it’s your turn! Just link your Christian Fiction Friday! Here are the rules:

1. Christian Fiction Friday is a blog hop where authors post short (400-ish words or less) snippets from their current works in progress (not published pieces).

2. Keep it PG-13 or lower. No swearing, no sex scenes. If you have a particularly violent scene or deal with a heavy or controversial subject matter, please include a disclaimer at the beginning of your post.


1. Visit at least some of the other Christian Fiction Friday authors each week and comment on their blogs.

2. Don’t offer critiques unless the author specifically asks for it in his or her post.

3. Please include this blurb at the end of your weekly post:

Christian Fiction Friday is a weekly blog hop where authors post snippets from their current Works in Progress. It is hosted by Alana Terry and Hallee Bridgeman.


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