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For Good

In the months since Jeb’s death, I’ve heard several people tell me to hold fast to the promises of Romance 8:28. “For all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”
I love God. I believe wholeheartedly that I am called according to his purpose.
Gregg loves God. Gregg believes wholeheartedly that he is called according to God’s purpose.
Our surviving children, Kaylee, her husband Alex, and our son Scott, love God and believe wholeheartedly that they have been called according to His purpose.
But, friends, I gotta tell you – I think of a lot of adjectives when I think about the death of our son, and the word “good “ isn’t really in that list.

The Story of What Happened to Jeb

We have intentionally kept the details of what happened to our son Johnathan Eugene Bridgeman – “Jeb” – quiet because there was an active police investigation. We felt it was better to wait until everything was finalized. Gregg found out yesterday that the investigation is closed. I feel like it’s important to share, because there seem to be a lot of rumors and gossip around the driver and/or around Jeb.

A Time of Lamentation

Gregg drove Scott and me to the scene which was just over a mile away. I frantically tried to get Kaylee or her husband on the phone. We arrived and Gregg told us to stay in the van while he went to talk to the Police officers.
Not far away, a sheet covered a tiny body that was far too small to possibly be covering the six foot tall man-boy I had just given a hug.

Why We Have to Move

In November 2015, my husband Gregg accepted a job at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It wasn’t an easy decision to move 120 miles from our home of seven years. Our son Scott celebrated his first birthday in that house and a few months later, Jeb came home from the hospital to that house. Kaylee started fifth …

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From the Mom of a Former Florida Public School Student

Gregg asked her what the book had to do with respect when Max clearly had no respect for his father or his father’s profession. The guidance counselor said, and I’m giving you the exact quote, “I’m not willing to discuss the pseudo-homosexual undercurrents of this book.

A Planner Junkie’s Enthusiastic Recommendation

I am always looking for that one planner that resonates with everything I need it to be, and one that won’t make me work too hard to use it to its fullest potential. I think I’ve found the one.
tar review that said something to the effect that this planner was designed for a middle-class woman who had nothing more to do that check boxes all day. I thought, “Lah! Sounds like my kind of planner!”

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