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Emerald Fire, The Jewel Trilogy Vol 2

Emerald Fire Now On Sale!

Emerald Fire, Book 2 of the Jewel Trilogy, is now on sale!
Until May 21st, it’s just $0.99!

Sapphire Ice: Reminder

Today is the last day you can purchase Sapphire Ice for $0.99! Tomorrow, as we release Emerald Fire, it will go up to $4.99

If you have already purchased Sapphire Ice, thank you so much. I pray the book was a blessing to you and would like to ask you to consider leaving a review of it where you purchased it.

Emerald Fire: Prologue

Here is the prologue of my upcoming release, Emerald Heat, Book 2 of the Jewel Trilogy.

Emerald Heat will go on sale Monday, April 23rd.

THAT afternoon, Maxine Bartlett had watched two policemen drag her sister, Robin, kicking and screaming, away. Maxine could remember with perfect clarity Robin’s blood soaked clothes, the blood on her hands, the ferocious look on her face, her blonde curls damp with sweat born of fury, one shoe kicked off in her struggle with the police. They’d separated the girls, bundling Robin into the back of a police car and Maxine into the back of an ambulance. For the first time in her fourteen year long life, Maxine no longer had Robin beside her. She felt completely alone.

Emerald Fire Cover & Blurb Reveal

Here it is…the moment for which we’ve all been waiting! Introducing, the cover for Book 2 of the Jewel Trilogy, Emerald Fire:

A Few Good Words: Sapphire Ice

I am so excited to read another wonderful review of Sapphire Ice!

A Few Good Words had this to say (among other things):

Book Signing at Bethany Book Room

If you are local to me, I hope you can join me!