Alexandra’s Appeal Releases Today!

I am THRILLED to announce the release of Alexandra’s Appeal, Book 3 in the Dixon Brothers Series.

Get your copy on Amazon today.

Stripped of everything, Alex comes to Jon for help, and only then does she learn her true value.
ALEXANDRA FISHER has very little say in her life choices. Raised Jewish and with a wealthy controlling father who holds her in contempt, she learned to comply with any request to keep the peace, even agreeing to marry his ideal candidate for her husband. When her father sends her from her home down to Tennessee to babysit her troublesome cousin, she feels powerless to say no despite having other plans and priorities. Her cousin takes off the first night there, and Alex finds her in a local honky-tonk where she meets JONATHAN DIXON.
Construction empire scion Jon took a mall project in Nashville as a way to spend solitary time healing. Very much the prodigal, about six months from completion of the project, he realizes how far off of the path of his traditional Christian upbringing he’s strayed and works to repair his relationship with God before returning home to mend fences with his family. A horrific news story sends him back into a tailspin, and he finds himself in a honky-tonk where he instructs the waitress to keep the drinks coming.
Jon and Alex meet and share a mutual attraction for each other. She decides to take control of her life at the same time he seeks something to help him forget a trauma in his past. They both end up making bad decisions that night that come with permanent consequences.
Back home, when Alex stands up to her father about keeping her unborn child, he pulls her trust fund, closes her accounts, applies influence to her employers, and evicts her from her apartment. Alone, pregnant, and cut off, she can do nothing more than journey to Atlanta hoping Jon can help.
When Alex discovers Jon is not the poor blue-collar construction worker she assumed, she feels betrayed. However, his family’s zest for life, love for Christ, and deep respect for each other show her how much was missing from her life before. She soon finds herself falling in love with Jon, but doesn’t think he’ll believe her. Jon knows he’s fallen in love with Alex, but doesn’t know how to convey his feelings.
Can these two broken people cling to each other and learn to connect with God, or will all of their baggage destroy their marriage before it even has a chance to get off the ground?

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