Song of Suspense Book 4: A Harmony for Steve

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Olivia Kimbrell Press
EBook ISBN: 978-1-939603-44-9

The Back Cover:

As the daughter of radio and media Christian family counselor icons, HARMONY HARPER has spent her life serving God. By her 25th birthday, she celebrated ten years of a solo Christian contemporary music career, and played sold out concerts everywhere she went. But she’s reaching burn out and heads to her mountain cabin hideaway to commune with God and write some new music.

Hard rocker STEVE SLAYER must make a decision: keep rocking life his way and watch his organs fail as his one remaining kidney is destroyed by alcohol and drug abuse; or, sober up – for real this time. Hiding out in the mountains of Oregon, he spends weeks detoxing. Finally strong enough to venture into town, he runs into HARMONY. Over the next several weeks, the two become friends, and a romance blooms as STEVE learns to love and trust God.

Once news of the romance reaches the world, no one is happy. Not her people – not his people. When letters written in blood start arriving, STEVE and HARMONY realize that the threats might just be real. An attack on a concert threatens their lives and the life of their unborn child.

Can STEVE and HARMONY discover who is out to destroy them, or will the enemy bring their house down in a dissonance that strikes at their very souls?

Excerpt from the Book:

The Song of Suspense SeriesHARMONY Harper stood on the deck of the cabin. The crisp air provided a sharpness to the late morning drizzle. Through the mist, she could see the bone white car climbing the curving road below her. She estimated that she had about three minutes before he arrived. She’d anticipated her brother arriving yesterday and wondered what took so long for the news of her recent nuptials to reach him. With a nervous twist in her stomach, she turned and went through the glass door and back into the great room.

Steve Slayer, her husband of less than two months, added another log to the fire. He’d changed into slacks and a dark brown sweater. Her heart gave a little leap of love and excitement when she saw him. He fit so perfectly in this room. He fit so perfectly into her life. They’d had six weeks of peace and restoration in this secluded little environment. However, the real world  rapidly approached in the form of a bone colored Mercedes.

He turned as she slid the door closed, smiling at her. She couldn’t believe how much he’d changed over the last several weeks. He’d gained weight, his hair had grown back, and his green eyes shown bright with the passion for God that had so recently taken over in his life. His features looked relaxed, happy – no longer strained by the addictions and hate that had poisoned his life for so long.

While she had no desire to see the relaxed and content look leave her husband’s face, they both knew that this day would eventually come.

“Franklin’s on his way up. I just saw his car.”

There was a hesitation to his smile before Steve stepped forward and offered his hand to  her. “You’re not scared, are you?”

Scared? With half a laugh she said, “Maybe a little.”

“I’ll be right here beside you.” She stepped down into the room and took his hand, letting him pull her into his arms. “We knew this would come.”

“He’s not going to be happy.”

He framed her face with his hands and looked down into her eyes. “Of course not. I’m a wasted drug addict who sings very worldly songs. What’s there to be happy about? He’ll either accept me or not. We knew this going into it.”

With a sense of urgency she put both of her hands on his chest. “Don’t let him discourage you or bring you down. He’s very good at verbal play.”

His smile set her at ease. “Princess, I got this. Don’t worry. What is it you would say to me? ‘Fear is not of the Lord?’”

Standing on tiptoe, she gave his mouth a quick peck with her own just as she heard the  crunch of tires on the gravel outside. “Touché.”

Hand in hand, they walked to the front door and stepped out onto the porch. Harmony felt her stomach twist when she saw her mother sitting in the front seat of the car. Alice Harper did not wait for Franklin to come around to open the door for her. For the first time in Harmony’s memory, her mother opened the door herself and got out of the car. Harmony had prepared herself for Franklin, not Alice.

“Mama,” she said, smiling, praying, hoping.

“Darling,” Alice greeted as Franklin exited the driver’s seat.

“Harmony,” he began, but Alice held her hand up and stopped him.

Her mother walked up the steps and onto the porch until she stood in front of Harmony and Steve. “This is Steven Slayer?”

He didn’t seem fazed by Alice Harper, international best-selling author and radio personality. “Yes, ma’am,” Steve confirmed, holding out his right hand, keeping Harmony’s secure in his left. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She took his hand and looked him up and down, clearly taking in the holes in his ear lobes and the tattoo snaking out from beneath his right sleeve. “Is it? What makes you say that?”

“Because Harmony loves you, and I love her. That’s enough to make it a pleasure for me.” Alice raised an eyebrow. “Do you have any idea what the media is saying?”

Her mother still held his hand. Harmony wondered about that. She looked away from her mother and glanced briefly over at Franklin, who scowled at her with cold, steely gray eyes.

Steve answered her mother. “I imagine they’re all about little Harmony here and her break away from the message of Christ to shack up with a drug addict rocker. I’m sure I’m not doing them justice at the way they’d word things.”

“Do you find it amusing?” Franklin bit out.

Steve pulled his hand from Alice’s and slipped it into his pocket, as if knowing Franklin would not return an offer of a hand shake. “Nothing that would hurt Harmony would amuse me. However, I stand here with the grace of God, sanctified and redeemed. I don’t answer to man, but to Him. They are going to crucify me and, because I love your sister she’ll hang on the cross next to mine. All we can do is stay steadfast and strong, and we’ll be old news one day.”

Alice tilted her head, sizing him up once again, then she gestured at the door. “Let’s go inside. Harmony, dear, make us some tea. Franklin, get my bag. Steven, we have some rather urgent things we must discuss.”

As Franklin carried Alice’s bag into one of the guest rooms, and Harmony put together a tea tray, Alice and Steve sat on the big sectional couch. From the kitchen counter she watched as Alice drew out a stack of envelopes and handed them to Steve. Whatever he saw when he opened the first one darkened his face in a way that made her worry. He looked up at her but was too far away for her to read anything on his face but a flash of

Harmony quickly sliced a lemon and tossed it into a bowl, then poured boiling water over the tea leaves in the tea pot. She picked up the tray and carried it down to the living room, setting it on the table in front of the couch.

“What are those?” She gestured to the stack of envelopes as she perched on the couch next to Steve.

He handed them to her. “I don’t know yet.”

“They began arriving about three days after your marriage announcement,” Franklin said, coming down the stairway. “I have no idea if your people have received the same kinds of things, Steven. They won’t return my calls.”

Harmony opened the first envelope as Alice poured the tea. She pulled out an index card that had a pentagram burned onto it. In what looked like dried blood, someone had written “DIE” across the burned image. She frowned and looked up at Franklin. “What does this mean?”

“Well, sis, I’m no expert but I reckon it means someone wants you to die. They were addressed to you, after all.” His gray eyes cut to Steve. “Addressed to Harmony Slayer.” His tone carried an accusatory sound.

Steve’s lips thinned. “Have you contacted the police?”

“I told Franklin that was your decision. They were addressed to Harmony, after all.” Alice handed him a cup and saucer. Despite his strong dislike of the brew, Steve accepted it automatically which made Harmony love him all over again.

Harmony tossed the envelopes onto the table and took Steven’s free hand in both of hers. “I guess it’s time to go back to Nashville.”

“You need to contact the police,” Franklin began, but Harmony cut him off and looked at Steve.

“What’s your impression?”

He rubbed his face with his hands and leaned back against the couch. With a nervous finger, he tapped his knee, something that she knew he did when he wanted to be smoking a cigarette. “I have some odd fans. I’m sure it’s a juvenile prank, but I don’t want to risk it being something more.”

“More?” Harmony picked up her cup and saucer, her hand trembling enough to make the china rattle. “Like what?”

“Like true danger. Like a true threat. This is absolutely something that should not be ignored.” He reached over and took her hand. “I’m sure it’s nothing, though.”

Despite his comforting words, she could see the worry in his eyes. She could feel his tension in the way he gripped her hand. Her heart gave a nervous flutter at the thought that someone might actually want to harm her.


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