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Month: June 2012

A Romance Writer’s Real Life ‘Love at First Sight’ Story

I’m not kidding. I was married, recently separated, and absolutely exhausted. But talking with this beautiful, brilliant man about marriage was the most natural thing in the world. Until that moment in time, I would have said that “love at first sight” was something romance writers like me just used as a plot launch. I would never, ever have believed it to be a real “thing”. But I can tell you in all honesty right now, I fell in love with Gregg the moment we met, and that love has done nothing but multiply over the years.


Interview: Janet Perez Eckles

I am so excited today to introduce to you Janet Perez Eckles.  Janet is beyond inspiring.  She writes inspirational non-fiction.  She gets ideas while parasailing.  And, she’s completely blind.  What an encouragement to anyone!  Please enjoy this interview, as she answers the questions posed by you, as much as I did.

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Born in Bolivia, I  brought with me my Latina  flair, and passion for life. Both of which  set the tone for my books, magazine articles and keynotes I delivered across the country.

And…almost forgot, I’m completely blind. So, I teach folks to see the best of life too.

2.  Tell us about your current release.

Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta  danced its way to #1 in Amazon in August, 2011. But more importantly it continues to dance inspiration in thousands of readers’ hearts.

3.  What inspired you to start writing, or did you always want to write?

After I lost my sight completely, God nudged me a bit, showing me what I  could still do—hear, talk, walk, love and  know how to find  joy in everyday life. Then stories, insights and episodes with colorful descriptions swirled in me. Eventually they filled lines and chapters of my  writing.


Interview: Teri Thackston

I’m excited to introduce Teri Thackston for today’s Readers’ Write to Know Wednesday!  Teri is the author of the paranormal romance, Wait Until Moonrise.  Enjoy the interview, and read how a waltz in a Disney movie sparked an entire book!

Hi, Hallee. Thanks so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog.
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a born and raised Texas girl with a deep pride in my state and my family, as well as a strong faith in the Lord. My husband was my high school sweetie and we have two handsome and talented sons. I’ve been writing stories since I could string words together on paper, but only started publishing my book-length stories a few years ago.

2. Tell us about your current release.

Moonrise is a paranormal romance that begins in 18th century Wales with a spell cast upon Nicholas Pierce, Earl of Beaumarith. A sorceress curses him to be unseen and unheard until his true love frees him by professing her love in the moonlight. More than two hundred years later, Bria Leighton, an American school teacher, arrives at Beaumarith castle. She is frightened by the sight of a handsome ghost that appears to her only in moonlight. Once Nicholas explains that he is no ghost and that only his true love can see him, Bria wants to help him. But there are two problems: she’s already engaged to be married and the sorceress—Saffira—has returned to claim Nicholas for her own.

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