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Adventures in Moving and God’s Grace

In the spirit of “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction,” here is a story that sounds like it came out of one of my books: Continue reading

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Five Tips for Moving with an Autistic Child

For the most part and in most normal situations, kids bounce back from moves and are just fine within a few days or weeks. In our case, though, we have to deal with a child who would have a major meltdown if unintentionally given the wrong thermos in his lunch box, so we decided to take a proactive approach. Continue reading

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We’re Moving!

Now, we’ve started packing. The kids’ last day of school is December 18th. At 8:30 that morning, the movers will arrive and load our household up, then cart it across the state to our new home on Fort Knox Army post, near Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Continue reading

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