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The Only Man Who Can Save Her Has Been Dead for a Decade

A4N_rg_final1.2Aria Suarez uncovers a nuclear plot that threatens the heart of our very nation. Sinister forces surround and threaten her when, out of nowhere, the man who reportedly died so many years before returns as if from the grave – intent on protecting her.

Has God finally joined them together?

Or is Aria doomed to mourn Nick Williams twice?

An Aria for Nick, Book 2 in the Song of Suspense Series, is available at the following locations:

Christian book online retailer Deeper Shopping.

It is also available at the following retailers:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, Lulu, All Romance eBooks, Bookie Jar

The only man who can save her life has been dead for a decade.

Raised in a loving home, Aria Suarez dreamed of becoming a professional pianist happily married to her high school crush. After the only boy who ever caught her eye dies a hero’s death and her wrist is shattered along with her future plans, she turns her brilliant musical mind to nuclear engineering and solving mysteries of science.

Abandoned to an abusive father at five, Nick Williams grew up dreaming of escape; of enlisting in the Army and leaving his wretched life behind; of proving himself worthy of the girl he loves. But the crucible of combat offers only the escape of death.

A decade later, Aria uncovers a nuclear plot that threatens the heart of our very nation. Sinister forces surround and threaten her when, out of nowhere, the man who reportedly died so many years before returns as if from the grave — intent on protecting her.

Has God finally joined them together?

Or is Aria doomed to mourn Nick twice?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Please never hesitate to contact me via email or on my blog, and please never hesitate to leave me an honest review!


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One More Month!

We are only one month away from the release of A Melody for James, Book One of the Song of Suspense Series! Beta readers are telling me they like this book better than the Jewel Series!

I am getting really excited!  This book has been a long time coming!  Here is the dedication:

This book imelodyforjamesfinalv1.3s lovingly dedicated to…

My mom, Kay:

Fourteen years ago, I woke up from a dream in the middle of the night on New Year’s night, turned on my computer, and just started typing. Ultimately, I wrote A Melody for James. It was my first book, and, I wrote it entirely in secret. Every morning, from the hours of 4 to 6 AM, I wrote, getting this story out as quickly as I could but telling absolutely no one I was doing it.

Halfway through writing it, I printed out my progress and mailed it to my mom with a simple note. “I’m writing a book. Let me know what you think of it.”

For a week, half a novel sat on my mom’s counter because she was afraid to read it — afraid it would be bad and then she’d have to pretend she enjoyed it.

Finally, she could ignore it no longer. She sat down to read and couldn’t stop because she became so engrossed in the story. She got to the end of what I’d sent her, picked up the phone, and called me at work.

“This is your mother,” she said by way of preamble. “I want you to quit your job, go home, and finish that book!”

So, here it is, Mama. The finished book, 14 years later. I hope you enjoy it as much the second time as you did the first.

Look for A Melody for James June 15th wherever books are sold!
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Fifty Shades of Gravy, a Christian Gets Saucy

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Hallee Bridgeman


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I am so excited to announce this book to you.

Fifty Shades of Gravy; a Christian Gets Saucy
‘Probably’ a New York Times Bestseller

As you can imagine, I had a lot of fun writing it.

Submitted for your pleasure, a cookbook intended to dominate ALL of your “Big Dang Sauce Making” (BDSM) desires.

For now, it will only be available at Amazon. You can get the eBook for $5.99 at this link: Fifty Shades of Gravy; a Christian Gets Saucy

An announcement will be made as soon as the paperback is available. The cost of the paperback will be $8.99.

Rave Reviews for

Fifty Shades of Gravy; a Christian Gets Saucy:

“The perfect gift for a submissive housewife!” –
– a homemaker in ATLANTA JOURNALed

“Made me want to lick it all up!” –
– a guy in WASHINGTON POSTed on his blog

Mouthwatering … Left me wanting more!” –
– someone in NEW YORK said a few TIMES

“Doing gravy is no longer torture!” –
– a reader in OHIO DEMOCRATically opined

Whipped it, beat it, served it up on a platter!” –
– a lady in L.A POSTed

Fifty Shades of Gravy “a Christian Gets Saucy!” is a cookbook wrapped in a parody surrounded by a comedy with a tongue firmly inserted into a cheek – but the recipes are deadly serious and may leave readers licking the gravy boat. Hallee Bridgeman, A.K.A. “Hallee the Homemaker” rides the gravy train to triumph and hilarity with her premiere cookbook, revealing the secrets of that most seductive comfort food – gravy. Her famous whole food, real food recipes bathe in luxuriant liquid comfort with recipes that are sure to captivate and enslave any audience. Hallee starts with stocks and broths and then explores every shade of gravy you can whip up. Some recipes are entire meals and some are simple sauces while still others are gravies served alongside a traditional holiday feast. There are meaty gravies, comfort food gravies, vegan gravies, gluten-free gravies, and even chocolate gravies! For any gravy question you were too ashamed to ask, this saucy Christian shares the answer.

Please consider leaving a review if you purchase it — reviews help others find it.In other news: Greater Than Rubies has made it to #4 in Christian Romances on Amazon. If you have read the book, it would do me such an honor if you would leave a review for it. I LOVE hearing from you and love honest reviews!!

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