hallee_bridgemanHallee is available and would love to come to speak to your book club, women’s group, church group, conference, or other event.  She pulls from a variety of topics, including:

Please use the contact form to inquire about a speaking engagement.

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One Response to Speaking

  1. Kal J says:

    Dear Hallee,

    I chanced upon your books, and then this website, while I was aimlessly surfing through the web. I must confess that the genre in which one (or you) would classify your writing to fit in is something that I have never seen before. I am neither an American nor a Christian. I am not even a believer, I am what people call an ‘Atheist’. But, please, listen to me, and if you could, answer my question: In light of all the books and treatises written against ‘Christianity’, has your faith ever wavered? Or did you even try to engage with those texts, as I feel, many people do not. They brand those books as ‘blasphemous’ and say that reading them is a ‘sin’.

    Thank you for reading this, even if you don’t reply, thank you for your time.

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