Name That Serial Killer Contest

a carol for kent topIn my upcoming book, A Carol for Kent Book 3 in the Song of Suspense Series, I have a serial killer who needs a nickname.

The victims are young women who are all tall and thin with red hair. The killer dresses them up in professional clothes, down to matching shoes and jewelry. Then they’re strangled with violin string and posed them, spread eagle, with  red candles at their heads, each hand, and each foot. This happens in Richmond, Virginia.

So … name him. Leave it in the comments below. What would the press call him? If I choose your name, you will win an autographed copy of A Carol for Kent, or all three Song of Suspense Series books in ebook – your choice.

Here are the first three paragraphs of chapter 1, to give you an idea:

CAROL Mabry stared down at the body on the floor of apartment 3G. The dead woman wore a gray silk pantsuit and pink silk blouse. Her hair was perfectly coiffed into a French twist, and her makeup looked like it had been applied professionally. Pink beads adorned her neck, hanging loosely against her breasts. Pink ball earrings were clipped to each ear.

She lay spread eagle on the ground, her eyes a blank stare in the direction of the ceiling.  Some sort of wire around her neck had cut into her skin, making it look like she had on a red necklace.

At her head, at each of her hands, and at her feet, fat red candles burned. The crimson colored wax had run down the candlesticks and pooled into the beige carpet.


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18 Responses to Name That Serial Killer Contest

  1. Elizabeth Dent says:

    I would call the killer … The Red hair Violin string killer .
    Sounds like a book I would love to read . Thanks Halkee .

  2. The Red Roots strangler (or killer) Or The Red Star Strangler 🙂

  3. dina says:

    The Waxer!

  4. dina says:

    Mr. Miaggie (wax on wax off)

    Candlestick killer

  5. Kristine Morgan says:

    The Deadly Conductor or The Killer Conductor

  6. dina says:

    Crimson Reaper

  7. Kristine Morgan says:

    Symphony Strangler

  8. Phronsie says:

    The Candelabra Killer

  9. Amanda B. says:

    The String Strangler

  10. Kristine Morgan says:

    Vindictive Violinist, or Violent Violinist

  11. Atty Eve says:

    how about ‘The Tailor’ ?
    or ‘The Tailor-strangler’?

  12. Kathleen says:

    The Violin String Killer of Red Heads

  13. Robin Chesser says:

    The Red Catgut Strangler.

  14. Geri J. says:

    How about:

    “The Scarlet Strangler”
    “The Merida Killer” (Merida the redhead in Disney’s Brave)
    “The Richmond Ginger Killer”
    “The Ruby Executioner”
    “The Symphony Slayer”

  15. How about the Matchstick Murderer? I’m thinking this refers to the tall skinny women with red hair. I’m assuming the police aren’t giving enough details to the press so the newspapers are making note of the similarity between the victims.

    Still thinking…

  16. hd says:

    This is not going to be my favorite book; it sounds too creepy and scary.
    Red candle killer, five candles killer, ritual killer, red ritual killer…
    But I don’t really want to win a contest naming a killer anyway. I am more of a cozy fan than a suspense fan. How about a contest to name a fluffy bunny?

  17. Kristina says:

    Crimson String Killer

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