Monday Morning Chat – Boys Have No School Episode 1

Hello! Welcome to Monday morning coffee and chat!

I really appreciate all of the questions that I get from my readers. Today I’m joined by my boys and we’re answering reader questions about life and autism.

Thank you for your questions for them. They had a great time answering:


I’m so grateful for your visit, today.
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Chat – Boys Have No School Episode 1

  1. Melissa B. says:

    What fun boys you have! Lots of energy in your house. Thank you for being open and please thank your sons as well. It is always so helpful to have a glimpse into somebody else’s life. My son has ADHD, I find myself having to explain a lot of things to people about ADHD. Sometimes it feels like I am sharing such basic information the whole world should know it, but I realize that not everybody does. Blessings to you and your family!

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