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Category: Hallee’s Interviews with Christian Authors

Interview: Katherine Lowry Logan

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I am SO excited today to introduce you to Katherine Lowry Logan.  Kathy and I have known each other for a few years, as members of the Kentucky Romance Writers, and have recently discovered through family trees that we are distant distant Poe cousins.  Fancy that — two Poes who are writers.  (And, for those of you in the Kentucky area, Kathy and I will be sharing a table at the Carnegie Center Book Fair this Saturday from 10-2.)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I’m a long distance runner and an avid reader who turned a love of reading into a passion for writing. I graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey, where I earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduation, I attended the Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training, earned a General Practice Certification, then returned to Central Kentucky and worked for twenty years as a paralegal and law firm office manager.

I’m a grandmother and spend several weeks every year in New York City with three of my five grandchildren. The other two live in Northern Kentucky, making it possible to attend ballgames and Grandparents’ Day. I take my grandmother job (spoil the kids) very seriously! 

Tell us about your book

The Ruby Brooch is a mix of genres. It’s a mystery, a paranormal (time travel), and a romance. You can think of it as Little House on the Prairie meets Somewhere in Time with a Perry Mason type ending.

Although the story begins and ends on a fictional Thoroughbred farm in Central Kentucky, it mostly takes place in the American west in 1852.


Interview: Author Amy Durham!

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Welcome to Readers’ Write to Know Wednesday!

I am thrilled today to introduce to you my personal friend, Amy Durham.

And — in an exciting twist for this inaugural Readers’ Write to Know Wednesday, we are giving away an autographed copy of Amy’s book!  Read below to find out how you can enter to win!

Out of the questions submitted by you in my survey, Amy chose 10 to answer.  I hope you enjoy reading her responses as much as I did!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I like to call myself a thirty-something professional multi-tasker. I wear a lot of hats. Wife, Mom, Teacher, Friend, Author, and at various times I’m also Cook, Laundry Lady, Church Nursery Worker, Homework Helper, etc. etc. My life is busy and completely UNdull. My husband of nearly 16 years and I are raising 3 boys, ages 13 ½ (and yeah, the half is important to him!), 9, and 6. I’m a middle school and high school vocal music teacher. And I’m a young adult fiction author. Throughout all of that is the thread of creativity, without which I would surely shrivel up and die. Parenting and family life is most definitely creative… I mean, you can only say “because I told you so” so many times before you’ve got to create another reason “why”. And teaching is the same way. You can teach the same stuff, the exact same way all the time and get completely bored, or you can switch it up and create new and different ways of approaching the same subject. And cooking… that’s one of my favorites. Nothing like creating something fantastic that my family enjoys. I love the immediate gratification cooking provides. And of course, writing. Where would I be without it? It’s the one creative outlet that’s all mine, and it gives me something none of the others do!

Tell us about your book.

“Once Again” is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I love writing paranormal stories, because I find that when I read, paranormals allow me to reallllllly suspend disbelief and escape into the book. The main characters are Layla Bradford and Lucas Ellis, both high school students. As they get to know one another and grow closer, they discover (through dreams and visions) that they are the reincarnation of a young married couple from the mid-1800s, who suffered a horrible tragedy. The madman responsible for the tragedy was never brought to justice and no one ever knew the truth of what happened. Layla and Lucas must uncover the truth of their past life in order to keep the same tragedy from happening once again.

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