Fifty Shades of Gravy; a Christian Gets Saucy!


Bring your sense of humor…

Fifty Shades of Gravy; a Christian Gets Saucy!

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House of Bread Books
EBook ISBN: 978-1-939603-02-9

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House of Bread Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-939603-01-2
ISBN-10:         1-939603-01-3

Probably a New York Times Bestseller!

While confronting and redeeming a recent popular secular phenomenon, Hallee Bridgeman, A.K.A. “Hallee the Homemaker” rides the gravy train to triumph and hilarity with her premiere cookbook, revealing the secrets of the penultimate comfort food – gravy. Fifty Shades of Gravy “a Christian Gets Saucy!” is a cookbook wrapped in a parody surrounded by a comedy with a tongue firmly inserted into a cheek – but the recipes are deadly serious and may leave readers licking the gravy boat.

Her famous whole food, real food recipes bathe in luxuriant liquid comfort with recipes that are sure to captivate and enslave any audience.

Hallee starts with stocks and broths and then explores every shade of gravy you can whip up. Some recipes are entire meals and some are simple sauces while still others are gravies served alongside a traditional holiday feast.

There are meaty gravies, comfort food gravies, vegan gravies, gluten-free gravies, and even chocolate gravies! For any gravy question you were too ashamed to ask, this saucy Christian shares the answer.

Submitted for your pleasure, a cookbook intended to dominate ALL of your “Big Dang Sauce Making” (BDSM) desires.

Rave Reviews for Fifty Shades of Gravy

“The perfect gift for a submissive housewife!”
– a homemaker in ATLANTA JOURNALed

“Made me want to lick it all up!”

– a guy in WASHINGTON POSTed on his blog

“Mouthwatering … Left me wanting more!”
– someone in NEW YORK said a few TIMES

“Doing gravy is no longer torture!”
– a reader in OHIO DEMOCRATically opined

“Whipped it, beat it, served it up on a platter!”
– a lady in L.A POSTed



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