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A Romance Writer’s Real Life ‘Love at First Sight’ Story

I’m not kidding. I was married, recently separated, and absolutely exhausted. But talking with this beautiful, brilliant man about marriage was the most natural thing in the world. Until that moment in time, I would have said that “love at first sight” was something romance writers like me just used as a plot launch. I would never, ever have believed it to be a real “thing”. But I can tell you in all honesty right now, I fell in love with Gregg the moment we met, and that love has done nothing but multiply over the years. Continue reading

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Interview: Janet Perez Eckles

I am so excited today to introduce to you Janet Perez Eckles. Janet is beyond inspiring. She writes inspirational non-fiction. She gets ideas while parasailing. And, she’s completely blind. What an encouragement to anyone! Please enjoy this interview, as she answers the questions posed by you, as much as I did. Continue reading

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Topaz Heat Now Available in Paperback!

For those of you who prefer to hold a book in your hands instead of an electronic reader, you’ll be happy to know that Topaz Heat is now available in paperback!

The conclusion to The Jewel Trilogy will complete your set. Get the book that reviewers have said:

Hallee Bridgeman hit it out of the park with this one!


Best book in the series! Continue reading

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Interview: Teri Thackston

I’m excited to introduce Teri Thackston for today’s Readers’ Write to Know Wednesday! Teri is the author of the paranormal romance, Wait Until Moonrise. Enjoy the interview, and read how a waltz in a Disney movie sparked an entire book! Continue reading

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The Jewel Trilogy Anthology

The Jewel Trilogy Anthology is now for sale! (Check out this cover — isn’t it amazing!?!)

This is a collection of all three books in the Jewel Trilogy: Sapphire Ice, Emerald Fire, and (best selling) Topaz Heat!

They are included in their entirety. It just creates a discount to buy all three at the same time. Continue reading

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The Klauer Review: Emerald Fire

She is giving away an autographed copy of Emerald Fire -OR- all three books in The Jewel Trilogy in e-book form. Just go to her website at this link and you can enter for a chance to win! Continue reading

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